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Gazebos, Decks, Docks

Build an amazing deck, gazebo or dock. The beauty and charm of post and beam has been around for centuries and we can bring you that look.

Capitalize on a great view and make the most of the sturdy and durable features of wood.

Let's get started.

Post and Beam Garage
Garage and Workshop

Designing and building custom spaces is our strength.  Do you want a workshop/garage to store your boat and other toys but also want a great spot to hang out with family and friends; where the doors can be opened to the outdoors giving you a multipurpose building.  We can help you plan it.

Post and Beam Addition November 2018
Homes, Cottages and Bunkies and more..

Renovate a cottage or build one from the ground up.  Add sleeping areas to your property with a bunkie.   The solution to family weekends.

All of these projects will look timeless using Post and Beam construction.

Excavation on the St.Lawrence 2018-BNMac Homes
More Services

Excavation including land clearing, sewer and water, weeping tile and drainage, landscaping, digging foundations, garage slab prep and more..

Stairs, Railings, Rustic Furniture

Making custom pieces using handhewn techniques and wood to suit your ideas

Gallery of Handcrafted Furniture

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